”Working on a program, I often ask myself, how would l like our world to look like in the future. Can art be used as a lens to imagine and dream up other possible realities that differ from the ones we are living in right now?” -Kerstin Schroth

Want to know how the program for November 2021 was born? Lucky you, there’s an interview with our artistic director telling you all about it! If you missed it, have a read, link in bio as usual.

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OPEN CALL: CLAIM THE FRAME! - workshop for professionals by Bart Van den Eynde

”Which frames do we use making art or experiencing art?”

Apply by sending a letter of motivation latest 8th of September. For more information, link in bio.

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Coming up 4.-14.11.2021 💙💚

Program out 15th of September, stay tuned!

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Now it’s time for a rest. Have a lovely summer, we’ll meet you again in the fall! 🌞🌸🌿 ...

We are excited to have launched a new long-term collaboration with Institut finlandais to foster exchange between Finnish and French performing art scenes! Cheers to many exciting projects and new opportunities🌟

For more information there is a link in the bio.

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Kiitos jaetusta hetkestä!🌞

Nyt arvostaisimme jos kävisit vastaamassa kävijätutkimukseemme. Arvomme kyselyyn vastanneiden kesken yhden festivaalipassin vuoden 2021 marraskuun festivaalille, yhden Nada & Co.:n kirjan The Voice of a City sekä yhden Tribute to dance t-paidan. Aikaa kyselyyn vastaamiseen menee noin 10-15 minuuttia. Löydät linkin kyselyyn biosta.

// Thank you for the shared time!🌞

Now we would be very grateful if you would take a moment to answer our visitor survey. By taking part in our visitor survey you can win one pass to the 2021 November festival, The Voice of a City book by Nada & Co. or a Tribute to dance t-shirt. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. You can find the surveylink from our bio.

Today continues series of conversations called Soup Talks. The conversations are one-of-a-kind opportunities to hear about the pieces and thoughts around them, straight from the artist themself.

Today discussing there will be Sheena McGrandles together with Maria Saivosalmi. In Villa Eläintarha at noon, soup is being served. Welcome to join the conversation or just to listen! The conversations will continue on Friday 18th through the weekend, always at noon.

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Monday 14.6. @ Oopperan Amfiteatteri - Sheena McGrandles: FIGURED and Traces from November kicks off!🌟

Link for tickets in the bio!

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TERVETULOA! Lisätietoja löydät nettisivuiltamme, linkki biossa.🧡

WELCOME! Information about the program can be found on our website, link in bio.🧡

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The Show @kafekoma. Have you seen it already?

“Together with Caisa we are reflecting on the ongoing impact that the absence of live art events has on our society. How can we as cultural institutions contribute to finding other ways of moving the live experience of art back into the center of our attention, without occupying only virtual spaces. The restriction of indoor gatherings and closure of performing art spaces does not only have a crucial impact on the artists and their creations themselves but also on the way, we as human beings interact with one another in social spaces and the connective social fabric that’s created while witnessing artworks together in a common space.”

Video: Mariangela Pluchino

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"Miten me kulttuuritoimijat voimme tuoda elävät esitykset huomion keskipisteeseen, ilman että vetäydymme vain virtuaalisiin tiloihin?" - Kerstin Schroth, festivaalin taiteellinen johtaja

Yhdessä 25-vuotta täyttävän Caisa kanssa tuomme takaisin Tim Etchellsin suurikokoisen installaation 'The Show'. Se on nyt esillä Kafé Koman katolle Tokoinrannassa 15.11.21 asti. Installaatio on osa meidän levittäytyvää festivaalia, Jälkiä marraskuusta. Kesäkuussa 14.-20.6. toivomme myös esittävämme neljä kansainvälistä teosta osana tätä kokonaisuutta.

// "How can we as cultural institutions contribute to finding other ways of moving the live experience of art back into the center of our attention, without occupying only virtual spaces?" – Kerstin Schroth, artistic director

Together with Caisa, celebrating their 25th anniversary, we bring back The Show by Tim Etchells. This large scale installation will be up today 23rd of April on the roof of Kafé Koma in Tokoinranta, until the 15th of November 2021. The artwork is part of our festival spilling over and Traces from November program, one we hopefully can continue on June 14th to 20th by presenting four international pieces.

Photo: Mariangela Pluchino

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"Näkymättömät teot tukemassa sosiaalista ulottuvuutta"

Keväällä 2020 Pie Kär aloitti työskentelyn festivaalin sosiaalisen koreografian dramaturgina. Hänen työtään näki marraskuussa esimerkiksi kuminauhojen ja keiton muodossa. Biossa on linkki, josta voit käydä kuuntelemassa Pien keskustelua Esitysradion Janina Rajakankaan ja Mira Kauton kanssa hänen työstään. Keskustelu on käyty suomeksi.

// "Invisible actions to support the social"

In the bio you can find a conversation between our in-house artist Pie Kär and Esitysradio's Janina Rajakangas and Mira Kautto. The conversation is in Finnish.

Photo: Mariangela Pluchino

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